Environment management

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EMH Industries is committed to ensuring that:

  • Every person employed, contracted or engaged by EMH Industries is actively reducing the adverse environment impacts associated with the construction works and provision of labour to client companies
  • All personnel on site take active roles in ensuring that neither our site work nor our workplace activities pollutes the air, soil, and associated airways
  • We will preserve and protect natural and heritage resources in and around the work site
  • We will work towards reducing the unnecessary usage of materials, minimize wastage in materials and energy and where practicable recycle waste materials
  • The strategies and objectives will have measurable objectives that are reviewed and audited regularly to ensure compliance with regulations and the intent of this policy

This policy will apply to all employees and contractors engaged by EMH Industries.

environmental objectives
  • To achieve no environmental incidents
  • To develop awareness within our staff of the impacts we as individuals and a business have on our environment, and behaving proactively to minimize this impact
  • To recycle greater than 50 % of waste materials generated during project work