Quality Assurance


EMH Industries is committed to providing complete satisfaction to its customers.

We will understand and strive to always meet our customer’s needs and expectations in the standard of work we perform and manner in which we interact with our customers.

We will achieve this through nurturing a culture of strong work ethic, attention to detail and an ambition to provide good value to the customer.

We recognise that the achievement of this policy will depend on employing dedicated staff fully equipped and competent to carry out their tasks. We will support our people with helpful procedures and systems that assist them in delivering quality engineering resources.

We will maintain, develop and continuously improve this Policy to help us deliver high performance and compliance. Our systems will also serve as a demonstration of our ability and assurance of the quality we provide.

We will apply this policy and systems throughout the organisation to all of our employees and those who work for and with us.

Our quality objectives are:

  • To achieve satisfaction with our customers with a greater than 90% score in our client surveys and feedback
  • To maintain a balanced internal work environment and exemplary work ethic
  • To be recognised as a preferred supplier

When an organisation can implement an effective business management system, we believe that this creates a confidence among their stakeholders in the capability of their processes and the reliability of their products and/or services. An effective management system serves to create the conditions for continuous improvement leading to increased client satisfaction and ultimately to the success of the organisation.